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i-xplor: The Philosophy

Based on the concept of ‘Learning by Doing’, our experiential learning program ‘i-Xplor’ has been developed to inspire and train young people in the skills of “citizenship”; the method used is self-exploration through challenge, with Nature and Adventure acting as a pivot.

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be lighted," - Plutarch

Like fires, wonderful ideas need fuel to ignite them. Our ‘i-Xplor’, experiential program provides the fuel to ignite that fire within, embarking on a meaningful journey of self explorations, opening the flood gates for wonderful ideas and often assisting as trigger to reveal passionate interests.

Renowned German Educator Kurt Hahn educational philosophy with regards to youth and ‘Outward Bound’ forms the core of our program design. Nature and Adventure based education entails the direct involvement of the participants in activities, that pose challenges of varying degree before them and have an element of real or perceived psychological or/and physical risk – risks that are negated through the program safety measures. Once faced with these challenges, they bring about the elicited behavioral changes and have sustained impact through isomorphic (reflection of one thing on another) connections.

‘i-Xplor’ is about activities , that stretches the participants beyond their comfort zone and cause them to challenge themselves physically which in turn can lead to challenging oneself mentally. In this process it also ensures that the participants co-operate and rely on one another and capitalize on each other’s strengths.

Needless to mention, ‘i-Xplor’, when conducted in the lap of mother “Nature” helps establish the “Nature Connect” to bridge the“Nature Deficit Disorder”. During these Programs, participants have the opportunity to discover new characteristics and qualities in themselves that carry over into their life at home. They learn about perseverance, courage and their capacity to work in groups. They come out confident in areas, where before they were hesitant. They learn to share, to lead and to follow, to work as a group and within the community.

i-xplor: Outdoors

I-xplor Outdoors re-establishes the connect between "Nature" and "kids" by exposing them to the outdoors through adventure, we are of the view that the current process of movement away from "Black-board" to an "Interactive board" will yield desired/better results only after we expose kids to the nature. "Nature" has been our biggest source of learning through the process of human evolution. However, large scale urbanization and lack of opportunities has created a void in that learning process, thus leading our urban kids to suffer from what they call "NATURE DEFICIT DISORDER" in the west.

These programs are conducted at our camp site in Ranichauri and engage participants in challenging and simulated stressful situation while using outdoor as a medium. Participants take part in range of soft to moderate adventure activities like rock climbing, rappelling, flying fox, obstacle courses etc. During the program participants also learn various outdoor skills like camp craft, terrestrial navigation, negotiating trails, survival skills, day treks, night camping etc. We see these programs as 'kindergarten' for more challenging/exciting outdoor activities participants will be engaged in our future programs.

Leadership Journeys

These programs take the participants out of the comfort of campus and deep into outdoors in an expeditionary style journeys. Expeditions range from easy treks in Shivaliks to moderate treks through high altitude mountain trails in the Himalayas or else negotiating meandering river valley systems on multiple days rafting expedition over mighty Ganges or roaring Tons. These programs target the leadership, team bonding, compassion, sharing and other life skills of the participants as they face new challenges everyday. A thoroughly enriching and exciting experience. Grade and level of difficulty for the programs is set by us on the basis of a thorough 'program assessment procedure', which is conducted by a our in-house team of experienced educationalists and outdoor professionals.

i - xplor Challenge

In this incredible journey of self exploration, ‘I-Xplor Challenge’ provides, a enabler to challenge oneself, competing with their own self perceived limits and an ultimate experience in self realization. ‘I-Xplor Challenge’ pushes the participants to their limits of physical, emotional and moral capabilities, in a controlled environment, bringing out the best in them. I-xplor program specifically target, advanced leadership skills, personal capabilities to deal with success and failures, actuating intense emotional triggers and effectively dealing with the same.

These programs are all about breaking new frontiers, pushing your limits and challenging your spiritual, mental and physical capabilities. These are full fledged expedition programs and ultimate in outdoor experience, where participants pass through high mountain passes, negotiate glacial valleys, climb peaks and raft through mighty Ganges.

Our I-xplor Challenge Programs:

- Expedition to Source of Ganges
- Great Himalayan Challenge
- Expedition to Stok Kangri
- Trek to Rup Kund and Beyond


Outbound training workshops (OBT) are a means to self-exploration, enhancing team spirit, inculcating leadership, and enhancing organizational performance through experiential learning. Our programs use outdoors as a medium to provide an experiential learning platform for leadership, team bonding, interpersonal relationship, problem solving, risk assessment and many more skills.

OBT workshops focus on addressing, tackling and enhancing following skills in particular:

- Self exploration
- Increase awareness of individual strengths and areas for growth
- Interpersonal skills
- Effective Leade
- Undertake new challenges
- Risk assessment and Risk management
- Plan and initiate activities
- Managing stress
- Show perseverance and commitment

We have an in-house capability to conduct Outbound training workshops as per the requirement of the client, ranging from standard programs to bespoke solutions. Our team of experienced corporate trainers, industry experts and outdoor experts, carefully design these programs, so as to address specific needs of the organization. Our OBT workshops are conducted in lap of nature, at our Camp Ranichauri, with mighty Himalayas overlooking the site or else in other outdoor locations.


All our programs go through careful planning, in depth research and battery of tests, prior to bringing these OBT workshops to our clients. Before the OBT programs go on the anvil, there are series of meeting and storming sessions, followed by thorough assessment of requirements, Outcome and risk assessment. We use ever evolving technology and tools to our advantage so as to bring quality products for our clients.
Our Methodology can be summarized in graphic design as below: