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enjoy the outdoors and the scenic wonders of nature


enjoy the treks ranging from moderate to difficult gradations.


enjoy the white water rafting experience down the Ganges


self-exploration, enhancing team spirit, inculcating leadership

Nature Connect is a guide for youth groups.

“Learning through Outdoor Experience”

Being in contact with nature

There is growing discussion of ‘nature deficit disorder’, which, according to some, is damaging World’s children. An ‘outcomes-driven’ industry of tick boxes, ‘milestones’ and performance indicators is destroying our closeness to nature itself and, as such, our own nature.

Providing inspiration

Nature Connect has long been active in promoting the value of the outdoors with young people. Since 2012 we have established active relationships and initiatives with all Adventure & Outdoor learning organizations.

Our partnerships have brought young people and youth and community workers from all parts of the city and country to experience and be inspired by that challenge, that adventure...that elemental mystery of the outdoors.

Our aims

Experiencing the outdoors can be a powerful stimulus for learning. Being deep in a forest, feeling alone on a hillside or just sharing a cup of tea around a fire can set us off on a path that changes the way we think about ourselves, our relationships and way we live our lives. We want to explore:

  • Being outdoors as an educational experience – and what we can do to deepen learning and support change.
  • How learning can be ‘brought back home’ – the ways in which experiencing the outdoors can become part of people’s everyday lives and relationships.
  • Developing community capacity – how we encourage and help adults and young people in local communities to see the importance of outdoor experience and take opportunities to enjoy and learn from it.

The focus is on offering practical guidance to those working with young people in communities and schools – guidance on how to maximize the learning potential of that outdoor experience.